03 December 2005

Persian Puzzles win a prize...

I just received a press release from the United Nations Correspondents Association in New York announcing that I have won the Silver Medal for Excellence in Journalism in the print category for my series of articles in September on the ongoing crisis between the United States, the European Union, the IAEA and Iran. The pieces ran under the slug 'Persian Puzzle'. I would like to thank all my readers who also wrote in with words of appreciation. The series was meant to restore some sanity to what was -- and still is -- an issue overwrought by spin. But the battle of public opinion has yet to be decisively won.

Here are the links to the series:

The Persian Puzzle I: Iran and the invention of a nuclear crisis (21 September 2005)
The Persian Puzzle II: What the IAEA really found in Iran (22 September 2005)
The Persian Puzzle III: The world must stand firm on diplomacy (23 September 2005)
The unravelling of India's Persian puzzle (27 September 2005)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Varadarajan,

I convey my heartfelt congratulations on the prize. More importantly, I congratulate you on the consistently high quality of your work.

The depth, thoughtfulness, and independent perspective you display in your work allow your readers to better understanding the vast and ever-changing world today. Your work helps to fill a gaping vacuum left by the corporate Western media, which covers issues in the most childish and superficial way.

As an Iranian, I am especially glad to see serious analysis of Iran's geopolitical situation. However, I must say that I am quite envious of your achievements. Iranian journalism is severely crippled by government censorship.

Have you considered reporting on the situation in Iran for journalists today? There is a lot of confusion, with wild accusations flying from the West, much like the IAEA controversy.

Best wishes on your continued success,
Agha Havayi

antiradical said...

Back again.
Really find your articles interesting - perspective is so important on international affairs. When u write, your perspective adds to the issue in controversy.

Wanted to let u know so u keep writing.

I am studying for the Bar exam, but when that is over, a friend an I will begin a project wherein we intend to produce an internet based newspaper. The details have yet to be finalized as to format, layout etc. but the underlying idea is settled. One of the features we are toying with is having writers from the four corners of the globe participate by submitting articles of relevant newsworthy subject matter. Your writing on the Iran nuclear dossier is a prime example of that global voice we intend to bring together at one location. Interested? I see you are an accomplised writer/editor with pre-existing commitments. Let us know.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how come the American/Western shill....sorry intrepid reporters who have been peddling the lies about Iraqi WMDs for the past 15 years didn't win any prize?

CNN. Fox News. Associated Press. Reuters. BBC. Washington Post. Agence France Press. LA Times. New York Times.

What about them? Don't they deserve something?

Maybe an award in creative fiction, perhaps?

Anonymous said...


Now that you are done writing about the Persian Puzzle how about something on the Iranian Idiot? He shdn't visit Austria if he knows what happened to David Irving.

Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations!