16 September 2000

Iran and West Asia


India to make fresh proposals on Iran pipeline (31 October 2008)
Bush report says India complying with Hyde Act on Iran (15 September 2008)
Iran replies to Indian 'non-paper' on gas pipeline (29 July 2008)
Bolton has a way with words (15 July 2008)
The U.N. is escalating the Iran nuclear crisis (05 March 2008)


On Iran, no news is good news for U.S. (17 November 2007)
Why Iran matters to U.S. (31 July 2007)
An Indian campaign for an Iranian scholar (15 June 2007)
Under siege, Iran ups the ante: The 'uncontrolled chain reaction' predicted by the IAEA chief when sanctions were first imposed continues, with no terminal state in view other than conflict. (11 April 2007)
More on Rademaker, India and Iran (13 March 2007)
Spinning its way to conflict again (27 February 2007)
Americans disown Rademaker (17 February 2007)
So now we know for sure... (16 February 2007)
Iranians rally in defence of right to nuclear energy (12 February 2007)
Iran rejects nuclear pressure (12 February 2007)
Iranian Government gears up for political show of strength (11 February 2007)
India sees speedy IAEA verification as the way forward on Iran (08 February 2007)
Peace pipeline: Iran for tripartite summit (07 February 2007)
Military means not a solution to Iran crisis, says India (8 February 2007)
From mega surge to dual rollback (06 February 2007)
Iran, the U.S. and the burden of history (02 January 2007)


Shirin Ebadi interview: "The answer to the Iran nuclear issue is more democracy" (28 November 2006)
No Plan B, only the certainty of defeat (19 November 2006)
Iran: Gas, gas everywhere but not a bit to sell (26 August 2006)
Mehdi Karroubi: Down but not out, leading reformist looks ahead (24 August 2006)
In Iran, democracy wrestles with clerical authority (23 August 2006)
Little chance of nuclear compromise (22 August 2006)
Ahmedinejad interview: "We are still interested in dialogue based on justness and fairness" (10 August 2006)
If pressure continues, Iran can change mind on NPT (10 August 2006)
Ahmadinejad keen on energy ties with India (10 August 2006)
Larijani interview: "For the U.S., the nuclear issue of Iran is just an excuse" (7 August 2006)
Iran wants nuclear talks, but not at gunpoint (6 August 2006)
The Ahmadinejad Letter: An Iranian offer that America must heed (12 May 2006)
The game plan on Iran is becoming clearer (25 March 2006)
Let the IAEA do its work on Iran (7 March 2006)
That Syrian oil deal: Government lies about U.S. pressure (23 February 2006)
The IAEA votes to refer Iran (5 February 2006)
Latest IAEA report paints picture that is far from bleak (3 February 2006)
A messy compromise on Iran (1 February 2006)
What happens next: An idiot's guide to a familiar plot (1 February 2006)
After Iran gas, U.S. tells India to back off Syrian oil (28 January 2006)
India casting a wide net in its hunt for energy, but tactic calls for political dexterity (25 January 2006)
Energy the key in the new Asian architecture (25 January 2006)
India, Iran and the nuclear challenge (16 January 2006)
The Asian axis of oil (24 January 2006)


Iranian nukes: When bullying is not enough, try disinformation (21 November 2005)
The unravelling of India's Persian puzzle (27 September 2005)
The Persian Puzzle III: The world must stand firm on diplomacy (23 September 2005)
The Persian Puzzle II: What the IAEA really found in Iran (22 September 2005)
The Persian Puzzle I: Iran and the invention of a nuclear crisis (21 September 2005)
Take me to the sea (13 September 2005)

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