01 July 2000

Political Economy

Index of my articles

Why India's poor need an employment guarantee...Transcript of an interview to ABC TV (15 September 2005)
Employment Guarantee: Minimum wage must be treated as sacrosanct (23 August 2005)
I'm sorry, the world's still round: A review of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat (2 August 2005)
Economists may have some answers but not all (14 June 2005)
Manmohan Singh and the economy: The biggest job, employment generation, has been left undone (21 May 2005)
Privatisation: The dough is in the land, not the bread (6 May 2005)
Budget 2005: Still waiting for the big push (3 March 2005)
‘India’s poor need a radical package’: Interview with Amartya Sen (9 January 2005)
ILO chief backs job guarantee programme (29 November 2004)
Business cycles and free markets: A critique of Kydland and Prescott (15 October 2004)
Sorry, you’re not part of the plan
(6 October 2004)
Elections 2004: Chili capital not shining bright (22 April 2004)
Interview with Eduardo Aninat, former Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, on how the Fund went wrong in Latin America (18 March 2004)
Deepak Nayyar, Economist, on the ILO's Globalisation report (3 March 2004)
S.R. Sankaran, Supreme Court-appointed right-to-food commissioner, on food for justice (5 September 2003)
Japan’s lost decades: Interview with Prof Makoto Itoh (12 December 2001)
Dateline Athens: The stepping stone where migrants' dreams die (10 December 2000)
Growing economy, burgeoning joblessness (17 March 2000)
Irrational Exuberance: Sooner or later the fundamentals will catch up with you (20 February 2000)
A Critique of the 1999 Budget (1 March 1999)

Useful resources

Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan, 'Dominant Capital and the New Wars'. Journal of World-Systems Research, X, 2, summer 2004, 255–327

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