01 July 2000


Index of my articles
Looking beyond the nuclear deal(29 March 2006)
Was Bush speech a warning on separation? (1 March 2006)
That Syrian oil deal: Government lies about U.S. pressure (23 February 2006)
GNEP: Bush plan demotes India (24 February 2006)
Pouring troubled water on oil (30 January 2006)
After Iran gas, U.S. tells India to back off Syrian oil (28 January 2006)
India casting a wide net in its hunt for energy (25 January 2006)
Energy the key in the new Asian architecture (25 January 2005)
India, China and the Asian axis of oil (24 January 2006)
Dateline Beijing: Despite U.S. pressure, India still committed to Iran pipeline (14 January 2006)
Dateline Beijing: India and China have taken a major step forward on the energy front (14 January 2006)
Asian interests and the myth of 'balance (13 December 2005)
Fuel for Tarapur not related to nuclear deal with the U.S., says Manmohan Singh (5 December 2005)
India, Afghanistan moot gas pipeline project (29 August 2005)
Farewell to the gas pipeline? (22 July 2005)
India's nuclear bargain with U.S. may prove costly in long run (20 July 2005)
Oil, power and the new Silk Road in Asia (11 July 2005)
Despite U.S. pressure, India and Pakistan to ahead with Iran pipeline (6 July 2005)
Asia, Africa should end energy dependence: Manmohan (24 April 2005)
Fuel enough for dragon and elephant (14 April 2005)
No intention to end energy projects in Iran: Japan (19 March 2005)
India, China vie for energy, influence in Myanmar (17 January 2005)
India, Myanmar, Bangladesh agree to lay pipeline (14 January 2005)
India to acquire stake in Myanmar’s energy sector (12 January 2005)
Chavez is India's passport to Latin America (4 March 2005)
Inside Venezuela IV: Ties with India to centre around oil (17 December 2004)
Inside Venezuela III: Using oil as a lever against U.S. (16 December 2004)
'Gas project is win-win for India, Pakistan' (25 November 2004)
The race is on for Kazakh oil (1 November 2004)
Central Asia: Those with pipelines call the shots (2 November 2004)
Gas fuels warmth in India-Pakistan ties (26 September 2004)

Useful resources

Text of Pakistan-India Joint Working Group statement on Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline, Islamabad, 10 September 2005

R.K. Batra of Teri on the Energy Charter Treay and the IPI pipeline, Economic Times, 6 June 2005

Iain Boal, T.J. Clark, Joseph Matthews and Michael Watts ('Retort group'):
Blood for Oil? A group of writers and activists, considers whether oil was the reason for the invasion of Iraq. From the London Review of Books, 21 April 2005.

Cyrus Bina, The American Tragedy:The Quagmire of War, Rhetoric of Oil, and
the Conundrum of Hegemony. Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis, Vol. 20, No. 2, November 2004

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