19 April 2009

Hear me in Berlin on AfPak and India @ April 21

On April 21, I will be speaking at a panel on 'Security in South Asia: India’s role and its importance in solving the Afghanistan-Pakistan-crisis', organised by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin. If any readers of this blog are in the German capital, do pop in to say hello. The event starts at 7 pm and is open to the public. Details can be accessed here.


Anonymous said...

This is the torture by UAE ruling royal family member. This is really bad video, watch it only if you can.



Anonymous said...

Pak military and its proxies like Taliban will not be cooperative unless they are made to understand what they will progressively loose by not cooperating, NOT what they will gain by cooperating. We have tried the latter over last 8 odd years. Return of NWFP , Baluchistan and FATA to Afghanistan must be put on the table, it will provide the leverage US needs . It will either shock pak into compliance or Afghanistan gets access to Arabian Sea. Either outcome is pretty good. Bottom line for Pak is if they cannot control their own country they do NOT deserve to keep it in the current format. It will be rearranged. So smaller nation states that are created in the process will opt for peace . Might I add this will be much less expensive than the current scatter brain policy.

Unknown said...

As terrible as the torture is, you can note that its not very different from the crimes carried out by some less spoken about criminals like the ones who stand elections in the BJP ticket.
Aside from the absense of discussion, on whether the "current format" of India can be dismantled, you fail to openly note that US policy has supported dictatorships in Pakistan or the UAE, and carries out crimes like the drone attacks which to me sound like criminal actions as well. In fact by international norms, aggression against another country is a crime of greater concern than anything so far discussed, including the gruesome torture.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan “falling” to the Taliban is like saying Tony Sporano “falling” to a life of crime.
Pakistan IS the Taliban or rather the Taliban are a product of the Pakistani military.
ISI and the Pakistani Generals laugh at the ease with which they can push our buttons and extract more dollars..

Anonymous said...

Pak Army has is a Broadway drama ,
Act one- troops take off uniform and go to swat valley stage...Called taliban enters....Refugees exit swat…West shivers...pays Pak army tons of money...Taliban put on pak army uniform and go back to barracks.
Act two - Money runs out, pak troops at nuke installations grow beards and take off their uniform , taliban takes over the nukes!, West shivers...pays them tons of money...Taliban put on pak army uniform and go back to guarding nukes.
Act three- Money runs out again, Some Army take off the uniform and go to Afghanistan with local maddrassa boys to fight...US wants talks with "moderate" taliban...Pak demands tons of money , weapons etc...West shivers again...pays them tons of money and weapons...Pak Army officers laugh all the way to their banks...
Act four -Money runs out yet again, Pak Army stages an bombing or assassination "attempt" of some public faux pro-western proxy ruler of pak...who turns around and demands more money ....West shivers yet again...and promptly pays up...
Act five -just as always money runs out , Pak army talks of handing over a port in Baluchistan to Chinas Navy... China pays, and West pays...Pak Army officers laugh all the way to their banks..
Act six – Pak army is out of money again – China wants Pak to ship a copy of its export version nuke to North Korea to they can “test “ and get their fair share of ransom money from West…China pays Pak army in weapons …west pays North Koreas ransom money….

Anonymous said...

Pakistan expanding its nuclear capability

Pakistani officials are committing limited national resources to building up the country’s nuclear arsenal, resources he and others note have been supplemented and replenished by U.S. aid.

Anonymous said...

How the West summoned up a nuclear nightmare in Pakistan