30 November 2008

Deccan Mujahideen email -- Obvious attempt to hide tracks

I just read the Deccan Mujahideen email. It is so full of basic spelling mistakes that it has clearly been machine transliterated. No native speaker of the language was on hand to correct the obvious bloomers.

Final giveaway of the Pakistani provenance of the email: It is signed "Mujahideen Hyderabad Dakkan".

The word mujahideen is spelt wrong (as "mujheedeen") but the important point to note -- no one in India ever refers to "our" Hyderabad as "Hyderabad Dakkan". That is the phrase you hear in Pakistan, which has the less famous Hyderabad, Sindh.

Anyway, here it is...

Deccan Mujahideen Letter

caotaavanaI nahI hk Ik ta

hma Aaja Baarta sark ar k ao Aagah k rtao hO caotaavanaI ko saaqa ko Baarta sark ar mausalamaanaao par Anyaaya k a saIlasaIlaa baMd k ro | mausalamaanaoa ko CInao hue saaro rajya vaapasa k ro | Aba tak jaao mausalamaanaaoM par jaao jaulma ko pahaD taaoDo hO {sak a saud samaoMta ihsaaba doM | hmaoM pataa hO ik ihMdu nasala bainayao k I nasala hO jaao isarf ihsaaba laonaa jaanataI hO ihsaaba donaa nahI jaanataI | magar ihMdu bainayaa yao jaana lao hma vaao k aOma hO jaao ApanaoM [itahasa k ao k BaI nahI BaulataI AaOr Apanaa [itahasa baarbaar daohrataI rhtaI hO | jaIsa k I taajaa imasaala

Af gaanaIstaana,[-rak ,if laIstaIna, saaomaalaIyaa AaOr k SmaIr hO |

ABaI tak jaao tauma laaogaaoMnao jaao k rnaa qaa k r ilayaa AaOr hmanao jaao sahnaa qaa sah ilayaa|

AaOr vaao BaI hmaaro naak tao- rajak Iya naotaa AaOr masalaIhtaku Sa {lmaa k I vajaha sao ,magar Aba paarI hmaarI hO AaOr yao paarI k a maaOk a hma haqa sao nahI jaanao doMgaoM | [sa paarI k ao hma {sa Adaja maoM KaolaoMgaoM jaIsa k I taalaIma hamaoM Allaah nao hmaoM dI hO |

hmaoM yao pataa hO k I Baarta sark ar [sa icataavanaI k oa gaMBaIrtaa sao nahI laoMgaIM [sa laIyao hma naoM yao inaScaya k Iyaa hO caItaavanaI saIf- caItaavanaI hI naa rho balak o Amalana yao caItaavanaI sahI saabaIta BaI hao | jaIsa k a jaItaa jaagataa {dahraNa mauMba[- maoM Aapa doKa cauko hO |

ihMdu yao naa samajao k I Baarta e TI esa , saonaa bahaota AQaunaIk htyaar sao laosa hO.AaOr bahadur BaI , k ItanaI bahadur hO yao na@sala pa`BaavaIta vaIBaaga maoM doKa rho hO |

yao hmalaa {sa k` Iyaa k I pa`taIk` Iyaa jaao ihMdu 1947 sao Aba tak k rtaI Aa[- hO |Aba k oa[- k` Iyaa nahIM haoMgaI isaf- pa`taIk` Iyaa haoMgaI AaOra baar baar haotaI rhoMgaI taba tak haotaI rhoMgaI jaba tak hma Apanao ek ek Atyaacaar k a badlaa nahI lao laotao. taba tak haotaI rhoMgaI jaba tak mausalamaana ApanaI Aajaada [slaamaI QartaI par ku rAana hidsa ko mautaabaIk jaIMdgaI nahI gaujaartaI | taba tak haotaI rhoMgaI jaba tak hma Apanao saaro k bjaa k Iyao hue rajya vaapasa lao laotao | taba tak haotaI rhoMgaI jaba tak hma Apanao ek ek Kauna k a badlaa nahI laotao | taba tak haotaI rhoMgaI jaba tak hma Apanoa Apamaana k a badlaa nahI laotao | taba tak haotaI rhoMgaI jaba tak hmaaro yauvak ao par AataMk vaad ko naama par jaao Atyaacaar jaolaaoM maoM k Iyaa gayaa hO | vaao dIna naIk T hO jaba hma ihMduAao k ao {nak I AaOk ata nahI dIKaa dotao |

ihMdu Aba yao samajanaa CaoD do ko mausalamaanaaoM k I masjaIdao k ao SahId k rko , dMgao k ra k r mausalamaanaaoM k I AaqaI-k sqataI k majaaor k rko , paZo laIKao yauvak ao k ao jaola maoM Dalak r manaaobala k majaaor hao jaaegaa | nahI hrgaIja nahI hmaaro AMdr Abau bak r saI_Ik rjaI.k a k Irdar hO | {mar f araoKa rjaI.

k a jalaala hO | {smaana rjaI. k a saKaavata hO | AlaI rjaI. k I baha_urI hO |,KaalaId baIna valaId rjaI. k I SaujaaAta hO |{sa sao BaI baZk r maaohmmad sallalaahu va AlaOsallama k I talaIma hO | jaao Allaah nao hmaoM saIKaa[- hO |

maujahIdIna hOdrabad d@k na


Unknown said...

the Word "Deccan " ( in urdu meaning "South " ) is rarely to be found in the post independent modern literature , especially in Hyderabad. except from a news paper named "Deccan Chronicle " . the old city of Hyderabad , where majority of muslim population resides is known to have considerable influence of fundamentalist organisations of pakistan. their inflamatory speeches, videos and tales of islamic extemism in the form of literature is widely available in the city, the use of word " Deccan Mujaheedin " is no surprise given the fact that Hyderabad's name has been associated several times before this tragic event. may be people from our intelligence should keep an eye on hyderabad's connection with pak based jihadist organisations

Unknown said...

Taking a cue from the all the happenings during last few days, There were enough confusion on Whether these people are from India or Pakistan, my opinion is that we dont need an enemy from outside. we have enough within in the name of Politicians & total Media. The amount of importance they attach to trivial issues and bollywood personalities is much more than the actual issues that this country is facing. They are wholly a biased lot and they do not take issues as issues and discuss whomsoever it is. When a government announces a program why the media is not tracking their progress and find the accountability of the respective responsibilities. Instead they are selling these disastarous time as prime time and airing ads. I agree they need to survive but definetly not at this juncture. People are not in the right frame of mind to find out what product they will select by looking at the ads when the Mumbai city is mourning. The coverage they give to majority people's problems is so pathetic and along with the government they also into full fledged appeasement. Let me tell you one thing, there are so much of issues burning in the country, but they found the entire day to live telecast the sainthood from Kerala stating its first of its kind. The worst thing is that each and every TV channel was doing it. Similarly to the issues wrt marathi manoos. If media ignores, how would they do their propaganda. So do not blame only the government & politicians, its a collective failure where media is also playing a bigger role inline with politicians.

Itsdifferent said...

I would agree with Guru's comments. There are so many commissions that have been setup by the government, and they simply do not follow on their recommendations. Leave the politicians, who we all know as detrimental and useless morons, what happened to the officers, who are supposed to follow up on that. I am sure, if they make enough noise, they can be heard. Of equal importance is the media. I would agree, that we are a country over obsessed with Cinema, and the media caters to that hunger. Atleast now the media learns a lesson, and questions the pols and officers continuously on the actions that are being taken, and hold them accountable.

abid wali said...

nice comments by almost every one but brothers who knows what the reality is ...Ajmal qasab confessing one moment and negating his statement the very next one.
i had my point of view to share that with you.And what do you think the sender of the letter would do that in very sophisticated way or you expect a letter that is technically written with no grammatical errors????.hahaha .Obviously when a person does something wrong he doesn't leave a clue behind and try to do it in a way that someone other is blamed for that and that is the case here.
I had published some interesting info about that attacks and I invite you to have a look at that info and think again...
visit my article at 'wali-wali-walikhan.blogspot.com' , you'l be surprised to hear that there is someone inside INDIA who could have done this