24 September 2008

Interesting non-sequitur

Here's an interesting but brief report in The Telegraph yesterday:
The Indian military establishment, spurred by the nuclear waiver, has begun a review of overseas deployments with A.K. Antony calling on the army, the navy and the air force “to be ready for force projection” in foreign territories.
Whatever Antony meant, he appears to be building on a speech he made last week at a seminar on 'Indian experience in force projection' organised by the Centre for Joint Warfare Studies. That link between the NSG waiver and the need for India to project itself militarily is there. As is this interesting formulation:
The real threats to international security would arise from states that would avoid interdependence, particularly with neighbours... he said.
So let's go for the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline already!

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Anonymous said...

The article does not reference any credible source on the link between the nsg waiver and the military thinking. It is merely speculation on the timing of both.