10 April 2007

That communal BJP CD: Videograbs

I finally figured out how to save images off a video disc. [Pause the film and press CTRL-i whenever you want to grab an image]. So here goes a series of images from the BJP election CD whose transcript I uploaded two days ago.

First section: Opening credits, introducing Masterji

Second section: The 'cow slaughter' scene

Third section: Muslims are taking over, you'll have to grow beards

Fourth section: The abduction and forced conversion of a Hindu girl

Final section: closing credits, montage


Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of posting these images?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid,
Can I download the movie from some website?

Anonymous said...

Your logic is completely incorrect in the following scenarios and you try to twist the facts to protect your corrupted agenda.

1. You portray nuclear disarmament as a cover for your communist agenda. As China does not like India having nuclear weapons hence you also oppose India’s nuclear deterrence. I bet in the next 1000 years nuclear weapons will not go away, in fact nations will develop better weapons. Common sense logic is that India should develop better nuclear weapons which should include thermo-nuclear weapons.

2. You propose India bending to China rather than USA which our current PM Manmohan Singh is doing. Only during NDA administration India gained the right identity by neither bending to US nor China. India-China trade is a joke, China imports raw iron ore mainly from India and India imports all kinds of useless electronic gadgets (copied from US) processed goods from China. Chinese investment in India is almost zero where as India invested huge amounts in China. China encircles India, proliferates nuclear technology to Pakistan so that India is always under constant check and never settles the border dispute.

3. You are a typical pseudo-secularist and you believe in appeasing Muslims even though you are shown blatant propaganda by Islamic leaders’ evil propaganda. Muslims misfortune is because of their leaders not because of non-Muslims. If a community does not know how to choose their leaders what can we do. Here are some facts about Islamic nations - lowest literacy among women and constant suppression of their rights, no secular Islamic state, and not a single democratic Islamic state.

Anonymous said...

secular+(any religion here)state = oxymoron
(any current "democratic" state) ~ more of a republic or oligarchy