01 July 2000


Index of my articles

Verify, but trust, is the best formula for Siachen pullout (20 May 2006)
From India now, 'out of the box' ideas on Kashmir (25 March 2006)
It's time for boldness on the Siachen issue (14 September 2005)
Hurriyat and the Indian government: Dialogue in search of common ground (5 September 2005)
Siachen: Solutions for the taking (20 June 2005)
Siachen: Manmohan’s visit offers a chance (9 June 2005)
The Hurriyat visit to Pakistan as a CBM (2 June 2005)
Kashmir: Slaying the demons of distrust (1 May 2005)
Kashmir: Peace roadmap is 'out of the box' (19 April 2005)
Kashmir: 'Soft border' emerges as common vocabulary (16 April 2005)
Kashmir: Still in search of a policy (28 November 2004)
Looking beyond Musharraf's proposals (1 November 2004)
India, Pakistan and the 'Core' Issue (June 2004)
Thirteen years on, Pandits face being wiped out (1 September 2003)
Inside Northern Areas IV: Chinese operators, missing women and tourists(30 March 2002)
Inside Northern Areas III: Tibetan script makes a comeback in Skardu (28 March 2002)
Inside Northern Areas II: Why Pakistan can’t let the region go (26 March 2002)
Inside Northern Areas I: Gilgit leaders deny they’re Indian agents (25 March 2002)
Slowly, Pak's new Kashmir policy takes shape (23 March 2002)
Kashmir: State of Discontent (1 February 2002)
Centre hangs up on Kashmiris (4 January 2002)
Musharraf drops Taliban to get Kashmir (19 September 2001)
Kashmir peace initiative hangs in balance (22 January 2001)
Beyond the Ceasefire: Move Quickly on the Political Front (30 December 2000)
Dateline Kashmir: A mother appeals to Mother India for justice (21 August 2000)
Dateline Kashmir: Why the Hizb talked and why it'll talk again (19 August 2000)
Dateline Kashmir: No hot pursuit, we'll wait in ambush: Army (18 August 2000)
RSS forced Cabinet's hand on autonomy (7 July 2000)
Autonomy issue just won't go away (5 July 2000)
Govt's olive branch may not work in Kashmir (6 April 2000)
Inside PoK: 'Azad' is how they want to stay (26 November 1999)
War and the Dharma of a journalist (7 August 1999)
The Piper's Price: India and the U.S. after Kargil (17 July 1999)
Don't Escalate Kargil To All-Out War (18 June 1999)
Bus must return with no war pact (18 February 1999)

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Text of statement issued by PMO after Manmohan Singh-Hurriyat meeting, 5 September 2005
Text of joint statement issued by Government of India and the All-Parties Hurriyat Conference, New Delhi, January 22, 2004

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