01 July 2000

International Security

My articles
The Persian Puzzle III: The world must stand firm on diplomacy (23 September 2005)
The Persian Puzzle II: What the IAEA really found in Iran (22 September 2005)
The Persian Puzzle I: Iran and the invention of a nuclear crisis (21 September 2005)
The truth behind the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal (29 July 2005)
India's nuclear bargain with U.S. may prove costly in long run(20 July 2005)
America, India and the outsourcing of imperial overreach (13 July 2005)
China, Russia get Central Asians to say 'Yankees Out!' (7 July 2005)
Don't impose voting on U.N. reform poposal, SCO tells G-4 (6 July 2005)
China, Russia and the Shanghai process (4 July 2005)
Defence pact with the U.S.: India entering uncharted, risky territory (1 July 2005)
Mr Bush and the Riga axioms (9 May 2005)
Tsunami relief should be led by U.N., not U.S.(3 January 2005)
The second coming of Mr Bush(4 November 2004)
Interview with Zhai Dequan, Deputy Secretary General of the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, on China's reservations about the Proliferation Security Initiative (31 July 2004)
Eight theses on the war in Iraq(1 July 2003)
America’s endless war: The world is not enough (26 March 2003)
A ‘regime change’ in international affairs(1 October 2002)
Say No to Bush: The World Must Stand by Iraq(12 September 2002)
WTC Attacks: The U.S. will now look for revenge, but against whom? (12 September 2001)
Back to the Future: International Law after Nato’s War(13 November 1999)
The Test Ban Test: US Rejection has Scuttled the CTBT (16 October 1999)
Terror in Timor and the interventionist urge (9 September 1999)
The Piper's Price: India and the U.S. after Kargil (17 July 1999)
UN Fig Leaf: Nato Compellence and Global Norm(10 June 1999)
Ruses for War: Nato's New Strategic Concept (10 May 1999)
Kosovo Cauldron: Nato on a dangerous and illegal course (29 March 1999)
Nato and No-First Use: The Nuclear Debate in Germany (10 December 1998)
Cowboy Clinton: No Excuse for Vigilantism (24 August 1998)
Pokhran as Pandora: Remapping the Geography of Power (16 May 1998)

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