01 July 2000

International Law and IHL

Lifting the veil from the Security Council Review of Chinmaya Gharekhan's The Horseshoe Table — An Inside View of the U.N. Security Council (31 January 2006)
When power subverts the law Review of Michael Mandel's How America gets away with murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes against Humanity and Hans Kochler's Global Justice or Global Revenge: International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads (10 January 2006)
In the legacy of Nuremberg An interview with Phillipe Kirsch, President of the International Criminal Court, on the significance -- and limitations -- of the ICC (12 December 2005)
The final levee has given way... Indefinite detention is legal say U.S. courts(10 September 2005)
Playing on fear, from Godhra to Guantanamo (13 June 2005)
Modi, the U.S. and visa power (21March 2005)
Abu Ghraib & the Milosevic standard (9 August 2004)
Anti-war group slams UN's Iraq resolution (12 June 2004)
Iraq abuse cases are no aberration (6 May 2004)
Cluster bomb use may be war crime (4 May 2003)
U.S. may not be able to treat Iraqi fighters as 'terrorists' (6 April 2003)
Ruud Lubbers, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, on how 9/11 made his job tougher (20 June 2002)
Why the U.K.'s report on Modi's riots worries Delhi (20 April 2002)
An Ignoble War: Earn your Peace Prize, Mr Annan (15 October 2001)
Bush war plans likely to violate international law (21 September 2001)
Beware the Bushfire: Use of force and the pathology of terror (15 September 2001)
Back to the Future: International Law after Nato’s War (13 November 1999)
Terror in Timor and the interventionist urge (9 September 1999)
UN Fig Leaf: Nato Compellence and Global Norm (10 June 1999)
Lawyers charge Nato leaders before U.N. war crimes tribunal (15 May 1999)
ICJ takes up case against Nato (13 May 1999)
Cowboy Clinton: No Excuse for Vigilantism (24 August 1998)
Imperial Impunity: U.S. hampers World Criminal Court Plan (23 April 1998)

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