01 July 2000

Indian Foreign Policy

Verify, but trust, is the best formula for Siachen pullout (20 May 2006)
Book Review: Less than allies, more than partners (16 May 2006)
For Nepal, and India, the road ahead is difficult (2 May 2006)
The countdown in Kathmandu has begun (30 March 2006)
From India now, 'out of the box' ideas on Kashmir (25 March 2006)
Why not CBMs for India and Bangladesh? (20 March 2006)
Crucial deal in Nepal hits roadblock (18 March 2006)
Key role envisaged for India in new U.S. national security strategy(17 March 2006)
The new deal: When Bush comes to shove(16 March 2006)
The U.S. and the Iran pipeline: Did Bush really blink? (14 March 2006)
Nuclear separation plan seeks fine balance (8 March 2006)
Let the IAEA do its work on Iran (7 March 2006)
Bush, India and two degrees of separation (3 March 2006)
The separation puzzle (1 March 2006)
Was Bush speech a warning on separation? (1 March 2006)
That Syrian oil deal: Government lies about U.S. pressure (23 February 2006)
U.S. and India part company on Nepal(22 February 2006)
Perils of three-way security cooperation(14 February 2006)
A question mark now hangs over the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal (7 February 2006)
The IAEA votes to refer Iran (5 February 2006)
Coming to terms with nuclear regime change: An interview with Michael Krepon and Leonard Spector on the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal (28 January 2006)
After Iran gas, U.S. tells India to back off Syrian oil (28 January 2006)
India casting a wide net in its hunt for energy, but tactic calls for political dexterity (25 January 2006)
Energy the key in the new Asian architecture (25 January 2006)
The Asian axis of oil (24 January 2006)
Indo-U.S. nuclear deal: Safeguards for breeder reactors a key obstacle (21 January 2006)
Make the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal more transparent (19 January 2006)
India, Iran and the nuclear challenge (16 January 2006)


U.S. non-proliferation group ups the ante with draft separation plan (21 December 2005)
Stage set for nuclear separation talks (20 December 2005)
Keep fast breeder reactor out of IAEA inspections: U.S. expert (17 December 2005)
Asian interests and the myth of 'balance' (13 December 2005)
Dateline Moscow: India, Russia inching towards fresh nuclear cooperation(7 December 2005)
Dateline Moscow: Russia sees India as long-term partner in energy sector(7 December 2005)
Dateline Moscow: Manmohan Singh urges Russians to discover a "new generation of Raj Kapoors'' (6 December 2005)
Fuel for Tarapur not related to nuclear deal with the U.S., says Manmohan Singh (5 December 2005)
Manmohan yet to make up mind on External Affairs (5 December 2005)
India is vulnerable in Afghanistan (24 November 2005)
U.S. raises the bar on nuclear deal with India (4 November 2005)
Nuclear proliferation: India submits to the Bush doctrine? (28 October 2005)
Indo-U.S. deal: Negotiating the nuclear fine print (21 October 2005)
Neocon lite nuclear agenda: A review of George Perkovich et al.'s "Universal Compliance: A strategy for nuclear security" (11 October 2005)
The Congressional hearings on the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal: A revealing transcript (1 October 2005)
The unravelling of India's Persian puzzle (27 September 2005)
When Jaswant took Indian politics to foreign shores (16 September 2005)
It's time for boldness on the Siachen issue (14 September 2005)
Kabul Notebook: When the two 'crown princes' met (30 August 2005)
The road to Afghanistan runs through Pakistan (30 August 2005)
Indian-built parliament to be 'chinar tree of democracy' in Afghanistan (30 August 2005)
India, Afghanistan moot gas pipeline project (29 August 2005)
What's wrong with an Indo-U.S. alliance?.... Transcript of an interview to ABC TV (17 August 2005)
African Union pours cold water on India's campaign for U.N. seat (6 August 2005)
The truth behind the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal (29 July 2005)
Farewell to the gas pipeline? (22 July 2005)
India's nuclear bargain with U.S. may prove costly in long run (20 July 2005)
Nuclear cooperation with U.S.: Experts urge caution (18 July 2005)
America, India and the outsourcing of imperial overreach (13 July 2005)
Oil, power and the new Silk Road in Asia (11 July 2005)
U.N. reform: India may agree to defer vote on G-4 resolution (7 July 2005)
Don't impose voting on U.N. reform poposal, SCO tells G-4 (6 July 2005)
Despite U.S. pressure, India and Pakistan to ahead with Iran pipeline (6 July 2005)
India set to take big leap in Central Asian backyard(5 July 2005)
Defence pact with the U.S.: India entering uncharted, risky territory (1 July 2005)
India and Nepal: A policy in search of a rationale (14 May 2005)
It’s official: India to send arms to Nepal (10 May 2005)
‘India will not be used by any power’: Interview with Natwar Singh (7 May 2005)
Kashmir: Slaying the demons of distrust (1 May 2005)
India and the problem of U.N. reform (26 April 2005)
Manmohan calls for 'horizontal' globalisation (25 April 2005)
India does U-turn on arms supply to Nepal (24 April 2005)
Asia, Africa should end energy dependence: Manmohan(24 April 2005)
Bandung: Stage set for Asian-African partnership (22 April 2005)
Kashmir: Peace roadmap is 'out of the box' (19 April 2005)
Kashmir: 'Soft border' emerges as common vocabulary (16 April 2005)
F-16s for Pakistan, India will fuel arms race (27 March 2005)
Rice brings reality check in on Indo-U.S. relations (17 March 2005)
Chavez is India's passport to Latin America (4 March 2005)
Indian & Myanmar: Distant neighbours warm to each other, but slowly (19 January 2005)
India, China vie for energy, influence in Myanmar(17 January 2005)
India, Myanmar, Bangladesh agree to lay pipeline (14 January 2005)
India to acquire stake in Myanmar’s energy sector (12 January 2005)
Dixit leaves foreign policy void that is hard to fill (4 January 2005)
Tsunami relief should be led by U.N., not U.S. (3 January 2005)
India in the world: Four pre-conditions for greatness (2 January 2005)


Inside Venezuela IV: Ties with India to centre around oil (17 December 2004)
Let us reduce trust deficit, Aziz tells India (25 November 2004)
Galileo, fusion energy propel India, E.U. `strategic partnership' (9 November 2004)
Combating terrorism a priority, say India, E.U. (9 November 2004)
Looking beyond Musharraf's proposals (1 November 2004)
India, U.S. negotiations entering crucial stage (18 October 2004)
Gas fuels warmth in India-Pakistan ties (26 September 2004)
NSSP: A small step by U.S. in response to India’s big leap (23 September 2004)
The logic of unilateral concessions (21 September 2004)
Manmohan's first month: Key inroads into Pak and China (24 June 2004)
India, Pak agree nukes a 'factor of stability' (20 June 2004)
Border Music: Interview with Foreign Minister Morshed Khan of Bangladesh (7 June 2004)
Patil fails Indo-Pak missile test (1 June 2004)
India, Pakistan and the 'Core' Issue (June 2004)
Jamali speaks to Manmohan (29 May 2004)
Foreign Policy Choices: Look beyond Doc, India's world bigger than U.S. (20 May 2004)
Indo-Pak Balle Balle? Over To Singh Now (20 May 2004)
Brajesh Mishra's successor as NSA can't wait (18 May 2004)
India, Pak join foces against U.S. move on N-proliferation (23 April 2004)
India wants US not to humiliate VIP fingers (18 April 2004)
Indian troops for Iraq is "wishful thinking" (10 April 2004)
Indo-Pak cricket: Seats reserved for Indian fans (20 February 2004)
Powell took us for a ride: India (20 March 2004)
Ally badge for Pak, India stunned (18 March 2004)
India, Brazil, S Africa bloc forges ahead (6 March 2004)
US marshals are coming to an airport near you? (3 March 2004)
India Inc. makes inroads in heart of Africa (1 March 2004)
Nepali transporters see red over bus pact with India (29 February 2004)
New Delhi rejects charge Indian scientists might have leaked N-secrets (11 February 2004)

2003 and earlier

Iraq's neighbours want U.N., not India (3 July 2003)
Dying for Dubya: The illogic of Indian troops for Iraq (27 June 2003)
Rumsfeld has Special Forces offer for India (11 June 2002)
Musharraf dares India to go to war (27 May 2002)
Islamabad meet begins with detour (8 March 2002)
Saarc trips over media visas (7 March 2002)
Legal processes in way of getting 'wanted' from Pak (3 January 2002)
Reckless Rhetoric: Tanks no Answer to Terrorism (27 December 2001)
India wary of Pak plans for Afghanistan (19 October 2001)
Retaliatory intrusion led to BSF deaths (24 April 2001)
Dateline Kashmir: No hot pursuit, we'll wait in ambush: Army (18 August 2000)
Dateline Islamabad: India up, Pak down on US agenda, feel Pakistanis (27 March 2000 )
'Hero No.1' came, saw and was 'conquered' (23 March 2000)
Vajpayee and Clinton: A forced one-on-one? (15 March 2000)
Clinton's arriving, as bully or cheerleader? (9 March 2000)
Gen Beg praises India's concern for democracy (24 November 1999)
War and the Dharma of a journalist (7 August 1999)
The Piper's Price: India and the U.S. after Kargil (17 July 1999)
Dawn website blocked as VSNL plays big brother (3 July 1999)
Don't Escalate Kargil To All-Out War (18 June 1999)
Bus must return with no war pact (18 February 1999)
Pokhran as Pandora: Remapping the Geography of Power (16 May 1998)

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