29 June 2000


July 2006

Indian Maoists criticise Prachanda(24 July 2006)

June 2006

Towards the endgame in Nepal (29 June 2006)

May 2006

Baburam Bhattarai: The King is down but not out (11 May 2006)
The making of a democracy (11 May 2006)
First glimpse of a new dawn in Nepal(7 May 2006)
For Nepal, and India, the road ahead is difficult(2 May 2006)

April 2006

Parliament meets in Nepal as movement for democracy enters new phase(29 April 2006)
Out of the shadows, peace roadmap slowly takes concrete shape(28 April 2006)
Parties gear up in Nepal(28 April 2006)
Nepal army chief helped convince Gyanendra(27 April 2006)
Maoists soften stance in Nepal(27 April 2006)
And now for a Constituent Assembly: Empowered through battle, a victorious people savour their moment(26 April 2006)
Nepal parties want constituent assembly(26 April 2006)
Nepal Maoists want "unconditional" elections(26 April 2006)
Gyanendra blinks, announces revival of parliament(25 April 2006)
In Nepal, novel forms of protest and familiar ones too(25 April 2006)
People, parties spurn Gyanendra's offer(23 April 2006)
In Nepal, only the beginning of the end(22 April 2006)
More at stake than the monarchy: Review of books by Mahendra Lawoti, Surya P. Subedi and John Whelpton(11 April 2006)

March 2006

The countdown in Kathmandu has begun (30 March 2006)
Another blow for popular sovereignty in Nepal(19 March 2006)
Crucial deal in Nepal hits roadblock (18 March 2006)

February 2006

U.S. and India part company on Nepal(22 February 2006)
Transcript of the complete Prachanda interview(11 February 2006)
"Multiparty democracy in Nepal will be message to Indian Naxalites"(10 February 2006)
Prachanda: From people's war to competitive democracy(9 February 2006)
Maoist leader unveils road map for change in Nepal(8 February 2006)


India and Nepal: A policy in search of a rationale (14 May 2005)
It’s official: India to send arms to Nepal (10 May 2005)
India does U-turn on arms supply to Nepal (24 April 2005)
Reimagining Nepal: Review of Manjushree Thapa’s Forget Kathmandu (1 March 2005)


Inside Nepal II: Uneasiness about the ‘Hindu’ tag (2 October 2004)
Inside Nepal I: Thinking aloud about a kingdom without a king (1 October 2004)
Deuba not keen on another ceasefire(30 September 2004)
Nepali transporters see red over bus pact with India (29 February 2004)


It was Deependra, say survivors(7 June 2001)
King Gyanendra sets up panel to probe killings(5 June 2001)
Speculation rife over happenings on Friday night(4 June 2001)

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