29 June 2000


Kabul Notebook: When the two 'crown princes' met (30 August 2005)
The road to Afghanistan runs through Pakistan (30 August 2005)
Indian-built parliament to be 'chinar tree of democracy' in Afghanistan (30 August 2005)
India, Afghanistan moot gas pipeline project (29 August 2005)
U.S. taking no chances with Afghan Presidential polls (8 October 2004)
Alliance takeover of Kabul a setback for US (14 November 2001)
Haq was on mission to sideline Northern Alliance (28 October 2001)
Outside powers field Afghan proxies in new 'great game' (25 October 2001)
India wary of Pak plans for Afghanistan (19 October 2001)
An Ignoble War: Earn your Peace Prize, Mr Annan (15 October 2001)
Bush war plans likely to violate international law (21 September 2001)
Musharraf drops Taliban to get Kashmir (19 September 2001)
Beware the Bushfire: Use of force and the pathology of terror (15 September 2001)
WTC Attacks: The U.S. will now look for revenge, but against whom? (12 September 2001)
In Taliban Country: Want to have fun? Enjoy the weather… (25 March 2001)
In Taliban country: Overshadowed by Buddhas, drought cries out for attention (19 March 2001) In Taliban country: 'UN sanctions may prolong Afghan civil war' (16 March 2001)
In Taliban country: Bamiyan Buddhas laid to rest (15 March 2001)
In Taliban country: Politics, not religion, brought the Buddhas down (13 March 2001)
In Taliban Country: Bamiyan's 'refugees in stone' (12 March 2001)
Cowboy Clinton: No Excuse for Vigilantism (24 August 1998)

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