03 October 2008

FMCT thoughts

The International Panel on Fissile Materials headed by Prof. Frank von Hippel of Princeton and Prof. R. Rajaram of Jawaharlal Nehru University unveiled a draft of the proposed Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty at the IAEA General Conference in Vienna. Andreas Persbo over at Verification, Implementation and Compliance has a useful summary of the IPFM proposal and a preliminary discussion of the issues involved.

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Anonymous said...

Verifiable cutoff is an anathema to Indians and Pakistanis because that is an another indirect way to cap the nuclear weapons program. Post-separation (US-India deal) you may see a renewed efforts by non-proliferation advocates towards that end. But there remains a sizeable number of folks who are skeptical of the effectiveness of verification. In any case the various options available to Indias and Pakistanis wrt to FMCT have been delineated here -

Fissile material control in South Asia

More on these South-Asia specific issues can be found here