30 September 2008

Watch me on the 123 @ CNBC tonight

I joined Karan Thapar's panel this evening on the 123 Agreement by telephone from New York. The other panelists were Ambassador Lalit Mansingh and Ambassador K.S. Bajpai. I believe the show will broadcast at 2230 IST tonight, i.e. Tuesday Sept 30. After all is said and done, Ambassador Bajpai is still insisting the riders loaded on to the 123 by Congress don't matter. They are not a problem, though India needs to find out why they've been put in, he said. Why should we bother to find out if they're not a problem, Karan asked. "Just out of curiosity?!". Bajpai had no real answer. Ambassador Mansingh was more critical of the riders but hopes President Bush will undo them in his signing statement, something Karan Thapar said was unlikely since Bush would thereby not only be undoing the riders but contradicting what he himself told Congress on September 10.

Will post the online link when it becomes available.

(So when does my holiday really start?)


Anonymous said...

any streaming link?

Anonymous said...

holidays :).whats your comment on the whole picture will India be able to deal with France and russia even if what is offered by US is favourable.

The riders clearly state that US will prevent other countries from offering India enrichment and reprocessing technologies are we into a trap ?