30 August 2007

On sabbatical

Beginning this week, I have temporarily relocated to the University of California, Berkeley, where I will be teaching a course at the Graduate School of Journalism in the Fall semester. I will still be writing for The Hindu and my blog from here, but less frequently.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Mr Siddhardh. It is yet another feather on your cap. I am sure you are sorely missed, although for short time (hopefully).


ahmedanijad said...

How come u r going to the imperialist west?U shld have gone to the Tehran university.

Bairavi said...


Lal Salam

How is life in California Sidd. While your fellow citizens are rotting in Indian heat without regular power supply, you are enjoying in the warmth of California. When are you coming back to India, if you have any plan at all. Donot surprise us you are looking for a tenure in US.

Here we are quietly working on the project of exposing your 'intellectual line' by sending all your anti-american articles to all your colleagues in the school so that it would scupper any chance of you seeking a tenure in the school.